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Dental Care for Dogs in Gulf Shores, AL

Animal Medical Center offers dental care for dogs in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Did you know that your dog’s teeth need regular cleaning and maintenance?  Just as people require consistent dental care, like daily brushing, professional cleaning, and check-ups at the dentist, our pets also benefit from routine tooth care and visits to the “doggie dentist”.  

Regular professional cleaning doesn’t just maintain your pet’s teeth— it’s also important for their overall health.  Poor dental hygiene in dogs can lead to tooth loss, oral discomfort or pain, halitosis (bad breath), and even organ damage!  Fortunately, dental care can help you and your pet avoid these problems.  The caring professionals at Animal Medical Center are available to provide the dental care your dog needs to keep on smiling!

Professional Teeth-Cleaning for Dogs in the Gulf Shores Area

Dental care ideally starts at home.  There are a number of products on the market today to help dog-owners keep their beloved pet’s teeth in good condition.  You can use things like canine toothpaste, dental chews and treats, chew toys designed to help keep dog’s teeth clean, dental powder (sprinkled over food), dental water additives, and even prescription dog food formulated for dogs who are particularly prone to dental issues.  (The vets at Animal Medical Center are happy to address your concerns and provide advice at your next visit!)

However, just as brushing alone isn’t enough to keep our own teeth in perfect condition, our pets also need periodic professional dental cleaning.  At Animal Medical Center, we use a modern, safe dental cleaning tool called an ultrasonic scaler.  This tool allows us to clean each tooth gently and effectively.  The ultrasonic scaler uses high vibrational energy for a thorough cleaning that reaches not just the parts of the tooth above the gum-line, but even those parts that are hidden below the gum-line!  

Our dental technicians will leave your dog’s teeth expertly polished.  The smooth, lustrous surface of a polished tooth is resistant to plaque build-up, meaning that your dog’s teeth will stay clean longer between professional dental cleanings.  Preventing plaque build-up reduces your dog’s chances of developing cavities and suffering from tooth decay.  

Should your dog require more advanced dental care, such as root canals or oral surgery, these will be made available through referral services.  

Dental care for pets near Gulf Shores, AL.

Dog Dentist in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Dr. Kasey, Dr. Meghan, Dr. Scarlett and the whole staff at Animal Medical Center are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your precious pet.  As animal lovers ourselves, we know how much you value your canine companion.  We want to help you enjoy a long and healthy life together, and regular dental maintenance helps make that possible.  

Animal Medical Center has served the South Baldwin area for over 25 years.  We offer a full range of pet health care services for dogs and cats of all ages.  If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please give us a call or contact us online.  We look forward to speaking with you!