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Dental Care for Dogs

Did you know that dogs need dental care, too?

It’s something you may not have thought about much—after all, animals in the wild don’t have dental care, right?  However, wild animals have a very different diet and lifestyle than a domesticated pet, and many of them don’t live long enough to develop serious problems with their teeth.  

The truth is that our dogs can suffer from the same types of painful dental problems that humans can.  Without proper attention to their dental health, their quality of life can suffer significantly.  That’s why routine dental care is such an important part of pet ownership.  By providing our canine companions with professional teeth cleaning and other forms of dental care, we can help them live the longest, healthiest, and happiest life possible.  

Why is dental care for dogs so important?

Dental cleaning and other methods of tooth care prevent the same issues in dogs that they do in humans.  Just like our own teeth, a dog’s teeth and gums are vulnerable to damage from bacteria, plaque, and tartar.  Poor dental hygiene in dogs causes much more than bad breath, though halitosis can certainly be a symptom of problems with a dog’s teeth.  Oral pain, tooth decay, and even tooth loss can all result from a lack of proper dental care.  But that’s not all:  There’s evidence that the same bacteria associated with tooth decay can also contribute to serious problems elsewhere in a dog’s body, sometimes leading to life-threatening organ damage.  

What can you do to protect your dog's dental health?

Fortunately, you can take action now to help you pet enjoy better oral health.  It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your dog’s pearly whites in good shape!  The best, most effective way to preserve your pooch’s toothy grin is to combine occasional professional cleaning with consistent at-home care.   

Animal Medical Center offers professional teeth cleaning for dogs!

Routine dental care from your trusted vet helps remove the plaque and tartar that you aren’t able to prevent with everyday care at home.  Just like humans need to visit the dentist for periodic cleanings and dental exams, a trip to the “doggie dentist” is the key to achieving the best results for your dog.  

At Animal Medical Center, we use innovative technology to deliver a professional dental cleaning that is both effective and gentle.  We use an ultrasonic scaler for our pet teeth cleanings.  This modern dental cleaning tool uses high vibrational energy to safely and thoroughly clean each tooth.  With this amazing cleaning method, it’s actually possible to clean below the gum-line!  An ultrasonic scaler leaves each of your dog’s teeth polished, with a smooth, lustrous surface that offers superior protection from plaque formation between cleanings.  

Dental care for pets near Gulf Shores, AL.

We can also help with more advanced dental care services, such as root canals and oral surgery, through referral services.  

Don't forget to care for your dog's teeth at home.

Between professional cleanings and checkups at the dog dentist, there’s a lot you can do at home to keep your dog’s teeth in better shape.  Today, there are many dental care products created especially for dogs.  

Here are a few of the types of products you may want to consider using:

  • Canine toothpaste and toothbrush
    • Because toothpaste formulated for humans can be harmful to pets, always use a product made specifically for dogs.  Many canine toothpastes are flavored to appeal to dogs and make brushing a more positive experience for you both.  A toothbrush designed for dogs can also be helpful.  There are some brushes that are made to fit over your finger, which may be easier to use.
  • Dental chews
    • Because most dogs have a natural inclination to chew, dental chew toys and treats can be easier to use than a toothbrush.  Many of these products are tasty and interesting enough that they can serve as a fun or tasty treat or reward!  Be sure to closely follow the product instructions for safety and best results.
  • Dental powder
    • You administer this product by sprinkling it over your dog’s food.  It is intended to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria on your dog’s teeth, which improves its breath and can even decrease plaque formation.  As always, refer to the packaging for dosage instructions.
  • Dental water additives
    • A dental water additive is another product that is simple and stress-free to use.  Just mix the additive into your dog’s water at the suggested ratio.  Leave the water for your dog to drink, as usual.  When your dog drinks the treated water, the additive works to fight harmful bacteria and plaque.  It can also help freshen your dog’s breath.
  • Prescription dog food
    • Certain dog breeds are at a statistically higher risk of suffering from dental problems.  If you’re worried about your dog’s longterm dental health, you may want to consider trying a special prescription dog food designed specifically for the prevention of oral or dental issues.  Speak to your vet to determine whether or not this type of food may be a good idea for your pet.  

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Do you have concerns about your dog’s dental health?  Is it time to have your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned at the “doggie dentist”?  Animal Medical Center of Foley, AL, can help you make sure that your precious pet receives the dental care they need!  Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing the best care possible for your precious pup!  

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