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Pet Wellness Visits
for Dogs and Cats in Elberta, AL

Animal Medical Center provides pet wellness care for cats and dogs in Elberta, Alabama.  Scheduling routine wellness exams is one of the most important things a caring, responsible person can do for their pet.  A simple yearly wellness check can help your dog or cat enjoy a longer, happier, healthier life.  If you’re seeking annual veterinary care in South Baldwin County, call Animal Medical Center to set up an appointment!  

Pet Check-Ups for Cats and Dogs in Elberta, AL

The caring veterinarians at Animal Medical Center– Dr. Kasey, Dr. Meghan & Dr. Scarlett– are committed to offering the best veterinary services possible for your faithful companion.  Wellness check-ups are key to ensuring that your pet receives timely, effective care.  Routine wellness visits for pets are essentially the pet version of your own annual health exam.  These quick and easy check-ups give us the chance to monitor your pet’s general health and identify potential problems early, for the most successful treatment.  

We have developed a variety of wellness programs to meet your pet’s needs across all life stages.  Animal Medical Center can address your pet’s changing healthcare requirements, from their first puppy or kitten vaccinations through to their senior years.  

Animal Medical Center offers the following wellness programs:

Pet Health Exams Near Elberta, Alabama

Dr. Kasey, Dr. Meghan, and Dr. Scarlett recommend annual wellness exams to monitor your pet’s general health.  During these visits, your dog or cat will typically receive whatever vaccinations they require for the year.  It’s also when someone on our team will speak to you about heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.  

Heartworms can threaten your pet’s life, but fortunately, it’s easy to protect your pet from heartworms, using special preventative medications.  Our staff is educated in the heartworm treatments available, and we’re happy to discuss your options and make a recommendation.  We can provide access to the treatments you select, as well, simplifying the process.  Many of the products we recommend are guaranteed.  

Our staff can also discuss and provide products to keep your pet (and your home!) free of fleas and ticks.  Fleas and ticks not only cause discomfort and irritation for cats and dogs, but they can also carry diseases.  Life is much pleasanter for you and your furry friend when you can eliminate these pests.  Let us take the guesswork out of heartworm, flea, and tick prevention!

Annual Vet Visits for Pets in Elberta, AL

Residents of South Baldwin County have trusted Animal Medical Center for over 25 years.  Our office is conveniently located just south of Foley, on Hwy 59– only a short drive from Elberta and surrounding communities.  Our team is dedicated to providing excellent, attentive care for your pet, because we love animals, too, and we understand how important your pet is to you!

If you’re ready to schedule a wellness appointment for your dog or cat, please give us a call.  You can also contact us online!