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Pet Wellness Visits
for Dogs and Cats in Orange Beach, AL

Animal Medical Center provides professional pet wellness veterinary care for pets in Foley, Alabama!

Are you seeking a convenient local veterinary office where your cat or dog can receive routine health care and screenings?  You can trust that your precious pet will receive excellent and attentive care at Animal Medical Center in Foley, AL!  Dr. Kasey, Dr. Meghan, and Dr. Scarlett offer thorough and affordable wellness check-ups for pets in the South Baldwin area.  Our compassionate team of animal health experts is committed to helping you and your pet enjoy a happy, healthy life together.

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Veterinary Pet Check-Ups in Foley, Alabama

Our pets are like us in so many ways, with distinct personalities, likes, and dislikes.  Something else they share with humans is a need for routine health care.  Yearly check-ups help doctors—including veterinary doctors—to keep your dog or cat in good health for as long as possible, and that’s something every loving, responsible pet-owner wants!  

Veterinary Pet Wellness Visits for Dogs and Cats in Foley, Alabama.

A wellness visit for your dog or cat is essentially the same thing as your own annual exam at the doctor’s office.  Your pet’s wellness visit gives our experienced veterinarians a chance to take care of a variety of important health checks.  We’ll monitor your pet’s health from year to year, run any necessary tests, and take care of things like vaccinations.  These annual visits to the vet allow us to spot any potential health issues early-on, which can make a huge difference in terms of successful treatment and the prevention of more serious related conditions.  

Annual Vet Visits in South Baldwin County, AL

Few cats and dogs actually enjoy visiting the vet’s office, but it’s well worth the effort to get even the most reluctant patient in for their yearly pet wellness visit!  These annual exams for pets can extend your dog’s or cat’s life by years—and they can vastly improve your furry companion’s quality of life, as well.  

Animal Medical Center offers a variety of wellness programs for our feline and canine patients in Foley, AL.  We can meet your pet’s health care requirements from their first visit as a kitten or puppy, all the way through to their golden years as a senior or mature dog or cat.  Like humans, pets’ health care needs change with age, and our caring professionals can help you and your pet enjoy every life-stage to its fullest potential, addressing individual concerns as they develop.  

Wellness Care for Pets in the Foley Area

Let our team assist you with any of the following wellness programs and services:

Annual Exams, spaying, neutering, vaccinations for cats and dogs in Foley, AL

If you have questions about any of the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We’ll be happy to provide the information you need!

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives in Foley, AL

Another important part of pet-ownership is protecting our furry friends from fleas, ticks, and heartworms.  Your pet’s wellness visit is the ideal time to discuss veterinary products formulated to deter or kill these harmful parasites.  

Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance:  They can carry dangerous diseases and cause other significant problems, as well, such as anemia and dermatitis.  As for heartworms, they are transmitted through mosquito bites and can easily be lethal for dogs and cats.  It’s crucial to provide our pets with consistent, effective protection from heartworms.  

Fortunately, there are many reliable preventative treatment options available today to save our pets (and ourselves) from problems associated with heartworms, ticks, and fleas.  In fact, with all the different products on the market today, comparing them can sometimes be a little confusing, especially for first-time pet-owners.  Our staff have the training necessary to help you weigh the pros and cons of each product and decide which preventatives are right for your dog or cat.  Many of the products we recommend come with guarantees for extra peace of mind.  

Cat and Dog Preventative Care in Foley, Alabama

Pet-owners in the South Baldwin area of the Alabama Gulf Coast have trusted Animal Medical Center for over a quarter of a century.  In that time, we’ve remained a consistent source for dependable care for dogs and cats in our community.  We’re located conveniently on Hwy 59, easy to find and reach, whether your pet needs routine, scheduled care or immediate attention for an injury or acute illness.  We offer a comprehensive range of health care services for dogs and cats in the Foley area.  Our doctors and the other members of our staff are animal lovers you can rely on to provide compassionate care when your pet needs it most.  

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