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Dental Care for Cats in Foley, AL

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Did you know that cats need regular teeth cleaning and dental care?  Keeping up with consistent dental maintenance—including things like brushing, dental treats, and regular appointments with a veterinary dentist—can benefit your cat greatly.  

Failing to maintain our feline friends’ teeth can result in unnecessary pain and potentially serious dental issues that could even threaten their general health, limiting their life expectancy.  Without regular cleanings and professional attention from a qualified veterinarian, plaque, bacteria, and tartar can thrive, resulting in dental discomfort and declining oral health.  Felines, like humans, can suffer from painful conditions such as tooth loss, cavities, infections, and gum disease.  Moreover, bacteria associated with inadequate dental hygiene are linked to organ damage in other parts of the body—damage that can sometimes be fatal.  

Fortunately, you can take action now to safeguard your cat’s dental health.  Animal Medical Center’s team of empathetic professionals specialize in caring your cats and dogs in the Foley area.  If you’re looking for a local source for regular dental care for your precious cat, we’re located right here in South Baldwin County!  Do all you can to ensure that your cat enjoys a long, happy life by arranging for routine dental cleaning at Animal Medical Center.

Vet Office with Professional Teeth-Cleaning for Cats in Foley, Alabama

Protection starts at home: Care for your cat's teeth on a daily basis.

For best results, feline dental care starts at home.  Though it may require some trial and error to pinpoint the best solutions for your cat’s dental health, pet parents are lucky to have a wide variety of products and treatment options available to them today.  These tools aid in maintaining your beloved pet’s dental hygiene between professional cleanings at the “kitty dentist”.

Consider a combination of some of the following products and techniques:

Maintaining your cat’s oral health and cleanliness can probably be best achieved with a good old-fashioned toothbrushing.  If your cat will allow you to brush their teeth, it’s the single best dental cleaning technique you can use.  It is imperative that you use toothpaste or gel designed specifically for felines, since human toothpaste can be harmful for cats.  To ensure the most effective cleaning of all teeth, it is recommended that you use a specialized toothbrush designed for cats.  These toothbrushes are sized and shaped in a way that makes it easier for you to reach each tooth.

Feline Dental Treats
If you’re having trouble brushing your cat’s teeth, or if you want to supplement the brushing, consider trying chewable dental treats designed for cats.  These specially-formulated and uniquely shaped treats are meant to reduce gum disease and maintain feline oral hygiene.  Make sure to read and adhere to the product recommendations for optimal outcomes.  These dental treats are usually simple to administer as cats consider them a tasty snack.  Since felines typically enjoy eating them, the dental chews can also serve as a treat or reward for your cat.

Dental Water Additives
Incorporating a water additive could be a wise decision if your pet is not receptive to toothbrushing—or use dental water additives as a second line of defense against harmful bacteria.  Water additives can be administered without much effort at all.  They are simply mixed into your cat’s drinking water in a ratio outlined in the instructions provided with the product.  It’s as easy as that!  Dental water additives for cats include enzymes and other feline-friendly ingredients that promote your cat’s dental health safely and effectively.  

Dental Sprays or Gels
Consider using a dental spray or gel as another means of keeping your cat’s teeth clean between professional cleanings.  These products can be administered by either spraying them directly into the cat’s mouth or by placing the gel on a location where the cat can lick it away, such as their nose, paw, or upper palate.  By killing harmful bacteria that can harm teeth and gums, these products ensure safe dental hygiene for your furry friend.  For best results, consistent daily use is often recommended.  As always, follow the directions provided with the specific product you’re using, or ask your veterinarian for advice on how to use them effectively.

Specially Formulated Cat Food
If you’re particularly concerned about your cat’s oral health, it may be possible to feed them a special type of cat food that’s designed specifically to support feline dental health.  If you have any questions related to prescription food that promotes feline dental hygiene, speak with the experts at Animal Medical Center during your cat’s next visit.  We are here to provide you with recommendations and helpful advice on all aspects of your furry friend’s health!

Professional Dental Veterinary Care at in South Baldwin County, AL

Toothbrushing and other at-home preventative treatments aren’t sufficient to maintain optimal dental health for ourselves or our pets.  Just as periodic visits to the dentist are necessary for humans, regular professional teeth cleaning is the key to superior dental health in cats

To deliver the best cleaning possible, the experts at Animal Medical Center employ the ultrasonic scaler, a cutting-edge dental tool that uses high-frequency vibrations to gently and effectively clean each tooth.  The ultrasonic scaler allows us to safely reach not only the visible parts of the teeth, but also the areas just below the gum line.  With this tool, we can provide an unparalleled dental cleaning that maintains your cat’s oral health to the highest standards.


We offer dental cleaning for both cats and dogs!

Our dental technicians will use the ultrasonic scaler to carefully polish your cat’s teeth, creating a smooth surface that not only looks great, but also helps the teeth more effectively resist future plaque build-up.  Your cat will enjoy the benefits of improved protection from cavities, decay, and other related problems.  Professional dental cleaning can significantly impact your cat’s longevity and overall quality of life.

If your cat has existing dental problems that can’t be addressed through cleaning alone, we can also provide referral services for more advanced dental care, such as oral surgery or a root canal.

Vet Care and Cat Dentist in Foley, Alabama

At Animal Medical Center, we prioritize the well-being of your beloved pet.  Our team of caring professionals, led by Dr. Kasey, Dr. Meghan, and Dr. Scarlett, are all passionate animal lovers.  We recognize that your cat is an integral member of your family, deserving of the best care available.  We offer a comprehensive suite of feline healthcare services designed to enhance your pet’s physical condition and enjoyment of life.  Our mission is to ensure that your pet receives the most effective and compassionate care possible across all stages of their life, from their days as a kitten to their senior years.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or online with any inquiries regarding your cat’s health or if you wish to arrange an appointment.  We look forward to meeting you and your precious pet!