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Dental Care for Cats

Don't forget to provide dental care for your cat!

Do you have a strategy to protect your cat’s dental health?  Some new cat owners may be surprised to learn that cats need dental care, just like humans, but it’s an aspect of their health that we shouldn’t neglect.  We all want our precious pets to have as long and healthy a life with us as possible, and routine feline dental care is one way to keep them at their best for many years to come.  

Anyone who’s ever had a toothache knows how painful even mild dental problems can be.  Our cats may not be able to tell us that they’re in pain—in fact, sometimes cats actually seem to hide their discomfort from us—but they can certainly experience it!  Physical suffering resulting from a lack of proper dental hygiene can significantly limit a cat’s enjoyment of life, and dental problems can also potentially damage our pets’ overall health.  

Show your feline companion that you care by providing routine attention to their dental hygiene and health!  From professional teeth cleaning for cats to products for use at home, there’s a lot we can do to preserve our cats’ dental health!

Why is dental care necessary for cats?

Cats need dental care for the same reasons that people do:  Our teeth are vulnerable to damage from bacteria, tartar, and plaque, which can lead to dental disease.  Just like humans, cats can develop painful oral conditions and even lose their teeth.  

You may have thought that our pets wouldn’t require dental care simply because they’re animals.  Whoever heard of a wild animal brushing its teeth or going to the dentist?  However, there are some big differences between animals in the wild and our domesticated pets.  They have widely diverging lifestyles and diets, for one thing.  It’s also important to remember that for many wild animals, their teeth essentially outlive them—that is, they reach the end of their lives before their teeth have the time to drastically deteriorate.  There are lots of things an animal in the wild may have to endure that we wouldn’t want for our beloved pets.  When we can do better for them and give them a happier and healthier life, why wouldn’t we?

What happens if we don't protect our cats' teeth?

Unfortunately, if a cat never receives preventative care and cleaning, it can develop many of the same types of problems that humans often experience as a result of poor dental hygiene.  These can range from relatively minor issues like halitosis (bad breath) through to much more serious problems.  Cats can suffer from oral pain, tooth decay, periodontal disease, gingivostomatitis, and tooth resorption.  As painful and unpleasant as those conditions are, there may be an even graver consequence of neglecting a cat’s dental care:  Bacteria from an abscessed tooth can negatively impact organs, even causing life-threatening kidney or heart disease.  

How can we prevent dental problems in cats?

The good news is that there’s a lot we can do to protect our feline friends’ dental health!  People preserve their own teeth by brushing daily at home and scheduling periodic trips to the dentist and dental hygienist for professional cleaning.  That same basic approach works best for cats, too!  

Animal Medical Center provides professional teeth cleaning for cats!

If you’ve noticed that your cat is having any dental issues at all—plaque, tartar, or other signs of potential problems—the caring professionals at Animal Medical Center are available to offer assistance.  We can help you determine the best course of action and recommend a program of care for your pet’s unique situation.  

One of the many services we offer is dental cleaning for cats.  At the “kitty dentist”, your cat will receive a professional dental cleaning.  We use modern technology for amazing results!  Our ultrasonic scaler allows us to provide pet teeth cleaning services that are highly effective, yet surprisingly gentle.  The ultrasonic scaler harnesses the power of high vibrational energy to safely deliver a thorough cleaning of each individual tooth.  This innovative technology even cleans below the gum-line, leaving teeth smoothly polished to a lustrous finish.  Plaque will have a difficult time getting started on these freshly-cleaned pearly whites!

Dental care for pets near Gulf Shores, AL.

For more advanced or specialized dental care, such as oral surgery or a root canal, we can provide help through referral services.

Daily dental care for your cat makes a big difference!

Don’t underestimate the importance of routine dental care at home.  In between visits to the vet dentist, you can prevent painful dental conditions by taking a few small actions on a regular basis.  Make tooth care part of your kitty’s daily routine, for the best results.  

Fortunately, there are dental care products available today that are specifically designed to help maintain feline oral health:  

  • Feline toothpaste
    • Toothbrushing is the single best thing you can do to protect your cat’s teeth for the long term.  It might not always be easy, but if you can accustom your cat to accepting toothbrushing as part of their routine, the results can be significant.  Just be sure you’re using a product made for cats!  Toothpaste sold for human use isn’t safe for felines, but fortunately, there are toothpastes and tooth gels formulated especially for cats.  You’ll also want to use a toothbrush designed for cats, because these will be formed and sized more appropriately for brushing cats’ uniquely shaped teeth.
  • Dental treats for cats
    • If your cat is resistant to brushing, don’t give up hope!  There are other ways to help keep your cat’s teeth clean at home.  Most cats love treats, including special dental chews that are designed to be both delicious and beneficial for your cat’s dental health.  Be sure to follow the product instructions to determine how many treats your cat should receive (and how often).  
  • Water additives for cats
    • Another product that is easy to administer is a water additive formulated for felines.  Dental water additives include safe and effective enzymes that work by preventing the formation of harmful plaque on your cat’s teeth.  As always, follow the product information for proper mixing instructions.  
  • Dental sprays & gels for cats
    • These two products reduce bacteria in your cat’s mouth—bacteria that can damage both teeth and gums.  They typically need to be administered daily for optimal results, but it’s always important to read the product information carefully and follow the instructions provided.  Sprays are applied by spraying the product into the cat’s mouth.  With gels, a small amount is placed on the roof of the cat’s mouth or on its paw or nose, to be licked up.  
  • Prescription cat food
    • If your cat is particularly prone to dental conditions, you may want to consider a specially formulated prescription cat food designed for feline dental health.  Speak to your vet for more information and assistance in determining whether this is a good option for your cat.  

Call Animal Medical Center today to arrange professional dental care for your cat!

If you want assistance with maintaining your cat’s oral health, we can help!  At Animal Medical Center, you can have your cat’s teeth professionally cleaned and examined by an experienced veterinary health expert.  Our team truly cares about animals!  We’re committed to delivering veterinary dental services you can count on.  

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s teeth or gums?  We’re available to help!  Give us a call or contact us online for more information about dental care or any of the other veterinary care services we offer.