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Why Does Your Pet Keep Digging Up Your Plants?

As much as you love your dog or cat, you probably don’t love it when they dig up your garden. Understanding exactly why Fido or Fluffy is wreaking havoc on your plants and flowers can help you deter their behavior and preserve your lawn. Further, it’s important to monitor your animal’s interactions with your flora and fauna since some can be toxic and require a trip to Animal Medical Center if ingested. Here’s what you should know.

Why Pets Dig Up Plants

Dogs and cats tend to dig up plants for different reasons. For canines, digging can be an activity to alleviate excess energy and address boredom. Meanwhile, felines may be drawn to chewing or shredding certain plants because of the smells they emit. In other cases, cats may be using the garden as a litter box.

How to Deter Digging

To keep your dog from digging, take them for a walk or play fetch with them to avoid the boredom and restlessness that may lead to digging. You can also set up a “dig friendly” zone, like a small sandbox, where your pup is free to go wild. This can also be a solution for cats.

Cats and dogs alike can also be kept from digging using repellents, like motion-activated sprinklers. You can also place citrus peels or cayenne pepper on the ground around plants you want to spare. Landscaping is another deterrent. Place smooth, large river stones on top of the soil around plants or cover the roots with mulch to protect them.

Most importantly, if you notice your pet is not only digging in but also chewing on plants, ensure none of your greenery is toxic.  For example, lilies are toxic to cats, while azaleas & sago palms are dangerous to canines and felines alike. If you have hazardous plants in your garden, you may want to remove them. While a beautiful yard is an asset, a healthy pet is more important.

If your pet gets into trouble in your garden–for example, because they ingest a toxic plant or get a tick—consult the veterinarians at Animal Medical Center of Foley, AL, for help. We’ve been in business since 1997, providing compassionate care driven by a true love of animals.  Browse our website to review our services, and call (251) 955-5900 to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian.